Friday, September 10, 2010

Empty Nest Discovery #17: Can't Read My Poker Face

Yesterday was my son's 19th birthday and the first time ever that I couldn't see or talk to him on his birthday. I received a text message just after midnight informing me that he was 'out' and would be going home soon. I assume he was enjoying some sort of collegiate birthday activity and chose not to pester him, but instead to let him enjoy being a college student, and I tried not to think too hard about what that might entail. 

I didn't mention his birthday to anyone yesterday because thinking too long about not being able to see my favorite person on my favorite day would have made me cry. Instead, I walked around with a smile fastened tightly to my face and I fooled everyone, even myself for the most part. 

I try to be a positive person and I am finding things to celebrate and be happy about during this transition, but sometimes a cloud or two slips by before I can slap a silver lining on it. Either way, unless I have a nightmare and call you choking on tears, you'll never know when that happens.

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R said...

Have you discovered the joys of the 'care package'? I just had a nice time getting gross-out candies, silly-string, glo-silly putty, and other nasties to send my brother @ college. Usually provokes a 'thanks' email & I feel like I still get to be there for him.

R said...

OOops! Forgot to mention these were for his Halloween package, I don't just usually get him gross-out stuff!

ShesAllWrite said...

HA ha ha! I love our follow-up qualifying comment. :) I am in the process of compiling a care package! So far, Corn Nuts, Combos, Silly Bandz and a bunch of forks and spoons (he hates washing dishes).

Joshua said...

Wow, Ethan is 15 and he spent the summer working as a lifeguard at a camp 8 hours away.
I didn't see him for over 2 months and about went insane.
I can't imagine what you're going through.
Good thoughtwaves or prayers or vibes or whatever language you prefer to use coming your way.

ShesAllWrite said...

Thank you! This is definitely the hardest part of parenting for me. I continue to plod through it and really appreciate the thoughtwaves, etc.