Sunday, September 19, 2010

Empty Nest Discovery #27: Alone Again (Naturally)

My son went back to school this afternoon. My apartment, which had been electrified with love and interaction all weekend, is now silent and vacuous. My relatives returned to their homes too, leaving me here by myself to miss my boy.  

I took a nap because I was tired from being 'on' all weekend and when I woke up, I really felt the sad emptiness of my apartment.  I tried to think about people who would give anything to be alone right now--my neighbor with the three ceaselessly screaming kids, for example--but I still felt lonely. 

I watched the Sunday evening animation shows my son and I used to watch together, then I called a good friend. We talked until I got tired again and now I'm going to sleep through this lonely, silent night, and wake up alone. This loneliness itself doesn't bother me, but the fact that this loneliness feels terminal does.

Photo by Ghetu Daniel

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