Friday, October 8, 2010

Empty Nest Discovery #34: I Know A Lot Of Nice People

Shiny happy people, originally uploaded by Donna Cymek.
So, I'm about to take a little jog around the city. Maybe you've heard of it--the Bank of America Chicago Marathon? Anyway, just about every friend I have has called, texted, IM-ed, tweeted or emailed me today to wish me good luck or ask how to help me on race day. Some of my work mates even had signs made for the race (they are super cool). They sent me a signed sign today and it almost made me c-r-y. The idea that so many people are thinking such nice things about me right now is really quite pleasant. If I was a cat, I'd purr.

I'm pretty independent--oh who am I kidding, I don't let people do anything for me unless I literally can't do things for myself--as in I have broken bones and can't walk (thank you, Ken), or I am just home from the hospital (thanks, Laila). But I have been told that it actually makes some people happy to do nice things for me and it isn't burdensome at all. So I'm trying to get past the things that make me uncomfortable about being taken care of. Harder than it sounds.

Today I could tell lots of people really, really wanted to help, so I thought about what others could do to make Sunday easier for me and fired off an email with instructions. Yeah! I'm going to feel like a princess Sunday afternoon. A sore, sweaty, starving princess. I'm okay with that.


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