Thursday, October 14, 2010

Empty Nest Discovery #37: A Chip Off The Old Block

Red Block, originally uploaded by Uwe Hermann.
My son is coming home for another visit this weekend. He texted today to inquire about such things as the weekend's menu, a hair appointment, laundry services (no dirty dishes this time), and social activities. We spent about a half an hour syncing up our schedules so that we could both spend time with each other and still have time to see our friends too.

While it's true, I go bananas missing the kid every day, I don't expect him to come home and hang out with me all weekend--that would be weird. And I love that he's got a bunch of friends he cares about and likes to hang out with.

While I was raising him, I payed special attention to fostering social confidence--probably because it's the trait that I worked the hardest to develop in myself and found most rewarding. It's nice to see that he enjoys a happy, healthy social life too.

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