Monday, October 18, 2010

Empty Nest Discovery #38: Madge, You're Soaking In It

Rocket Bar Wine, originally uploaded by Mr. T in DC.
I'm in a foul mood. Have been all day. Before 10 AM, I got so frustrated at work, I cried. CRIED. I never cry at work--hell, there are only a handful of people on this entire planet who have ever seen/heard me cry and today I cried at work. Yes, I'm somewhat mortified about that.

The day declined swiftly from there and I'm pretty sure the problem was half mine and half everyone else's (oh god, please tell me that wasn't all me). I tried to make myself a happier, nicer person today, but it seemed like I was just making things worse. Instead I continued to make a mess of my day, executing tasks without heart and snarling at at least two people who deserved my patience and attention instead.

On my way home, I was writhing inside, trying to buck up before I reached my apartment, and then I remembered--there was no one there. I was free to be as miserable and as lousy as I pleased.

I wasn't sad to be returning to an empty apartment--I was relieved. It was a comfort to know I could finally be alone with my angst (yes, apparently 38-year-olds get angsty), frustration and mean reds. Just me and my shitty mood, and my impolite thoughts and my ugly, unreasonable feelings and fears--all of us indulging each other here. That's right, I'm listening to Le Tigre and drinking wine in my underwear. You want to make something of it?

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